Maryland State Ginseng Laws

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Maryland Code § 9-601. "Ginseng" defined.

In this subtitle the term "ginseng" includes any part of the plant called Wild American Ginseng (panax quinquefolius l.).
[1982, ch. 23.]

Maryland Code § 9-602. Collection permit; registration of dealer.

(a) Collection permit.- A person who collects and harvests ginseng for sale shall hold a valid annual collection permit from the Department. (b) Registration of dealer.- A person who buys ginseng for resale shall register annually with the Department as a ginseng dealer.
[1982, ch. 23.]

Maryland Code § 9-603. Authority of Secretary.

The Secretary may: (1) Conduct research to determine ginseng population trends, propagation techniques or ways of conserving ginseng; (2) Promote the conservation and export of ginseng; (3) Establish standards for the certification of ginseng intended for export; (4) Establish guidelines and requirements for the conservation and harvesting of ginseng; (5) Require that records be kept by any person who harvests or buys ginseng intended for sale; and (6) Establish conditions under which a permit or registration may be suspended or revoked.
[1982, ch. 23.]

Maryland Code § 9-604. Records.

Any records required by this subtitle shall be kept for 3 years and be made available to the Department upon request.
[1982, ch. 23.]

Maryland Code § 9-605. Fees � Amount

. The Secretary may charge the following fees: (1) Collection permit - $2 each; (2) Dealer registration - $20 each.
[1982, ch. 23.]

Maryland Code § 9-606. Fees - Disposition.

Any fees collected pursuant to this subtitle shall be placed in a fund to defray partially the costs of administering this subtitle. Any unexpended funds shall revert to the General Fund of the State at the end of the fiscal year.
[1982, ch. 23; 1985, ch. 717, § 1.]

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