2016 Ginseng Fungicide Report

A listing of the fungicides labeled for use on ginseng in spring of 2016. This report includes cross reference listing by disease and name, as well as small quantity mixtures.

2016 Ginseng Fungicide Report

No more calculations for small sprayers!

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Now 68 Ginseng Listed Fungicides

88 pages

Throughout the years I've been growing ginseng, one of the more difficult aspects initially was learning about fungicides. Worse yet, was the lack of information about fungicides and which ones could be legally used on ginseng. As the Internet expanded, information became more readily available. However, it still takes a lot of time to track down the fungicides a grower can use on ginseng. This report took several weeks to put together.

This report outlines all –or at least most- of the fungicides a grower may use on ginseng. Further, you can put the calculators away! I’ve broken down the manufacturer’s recommended application rates into 1000 square foot portions and rates per gallon.

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Within the report, fungicides are indexed alphabetically and by pathogen to allow for quick and easy selection of products for your ginseng spray program. FRAC codes are listed for them all to ensure variation to prevent the development of resistance. Each product has its own page where the manufacturer’s product page, specimen label links, application rates, and other pertinent information are listed. I’ve also included a brief narrative based on the information available from the product manufacturer.

All of this time-saving information can be at your fingertips in minutes for the low price of


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