Stratified Ginseng Seed

We plant the same seed we sell -every year.

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Stratified Ginseng Seed

Price Break! check below for even lower prices on our high quality stratified ginseng seed for fall 2020 planting!
(Customers who have already ordered seed will have the amount of seed adjusted to reflect the lower price)

Ginseng is a perennial plant that possesses very complex seed dormancy. In other words, that means that ginseng is cold hardy and normally comes back every year. But, the seed isn't ready to grow when the berries get ripe in the fall. The seed has to undergo a series of seasonal changes and experience a very narrow window of conditions before it will germinate and come up. If everything works out as anticipated, ginseng seed harvested in the fall will be mixed with sand and held in favorable conditions until the following fall. At this point they are considered to be stratified. Stratified ginseng seed may or may not show grinners (i.e., the embryo swells up and splits the outer shell) based on the method by which it was stratified. There are advantages to both common methods (e.g., above or below ground).

Because of the nature of the ginseng plant and seed itself, there can be no guarantee of germination percentages. There are just too many individual variables from person to person and the weather and climate conditions before that.

But, the promise I've always made is that I'm selling the same seed I plant myself.


For a more detailed look at ginseng seed dormancy, please see my article on the subject
Seed Dormancy & Delayed Germination Plain English

Fall of 2012 we were concerned about the germination rates because of issues with the seed growing conditions in the fields the year before. As a result, I planted a little thicker than normal in the SELECT beds. The mice and voles worked them over good, but I think I experienced germination rates in the neighborhood of 80% or better. Here are reports from some folks who've bought seed from me that year (and in years since) and shared their experiences.

"I am very very happy to report to you that I think I have about a 60-75% emergance rate. This is better than I expected, truely. I was very very happy about that! I came out of the woods this weekend doing a little dance!"
~ North Carolina Grower

"I'm seeing pretty good germination from the seed I got from you. These are all wild sim plantings. I must admit that I had my doubts about that seed when planting last fall because of the small size and the fact that there were not any "grinning" seed in the mix. I just found them emerging early last week. It seems that they are still coming up too."
~ Ohio Grower

"Brad, I am very happy with the seed this year and wanted to let you know. You said the viability rate was down a little, but I gotta tell ya I think they all came up! Even the ones that didn't germinate last year because of the drought are starting to come up too! I'm happy!"
~ Ohio Grower

"Brad, I bought some seed from you last year. I did a little experiment and bought seed from different places. I've got to tell you, I got the best germination from your seed."
~ New York Grower

Fast forward to 2019
Here is a report I got just a couple days ago from a grower who tried our seed and our ECF Seeder for the first time:

"Did well. I have little plants scattered out evenly just like I wanted. Everywhere the seeds were undisturbed had pretty seedlings. Now, I’ll have some quality roots to sell down the road."
~ Kentucky Grower

...and a couple of the emails recieved spring of 2020
"I just wanted to relay good news on last years planting. I’ve not yet seen anything like what I’m seeing this year! I have large patches of nearly 100 % germination. About a third of the total area is like carpet, and the remainder is decent! I did choose a more sloped terrain than previous right above my creek, but, same results in my test beds -vigorous & plentiful. Very pleased! "
~ Ohio Grower

"Hi Brad, when will you have seeds available for this year's fall planting? I purchased seeds last fall and got about a 70-80% germination rate. Without a doubt the best I've ever had."
~ Ohio Grower

Advance Seed Orders

Accepting Seed Orders for fall 2020!!

We have a higher availability of high quality stratified seed for the fall 2020 season. As a result, the prices are considerably lower than they were last fall. This also means we can accommodate more larger orders.

Cut off for advanced orders was August 23, 2020. However, we still have limited quantities of these high quality stratified ginseng seeds ready to go into the ground this fall.

If you need larger quanties, be sure to call to ensure availability.

Price Comparison: The average price for a pound of ginseng seed for 2020 is $143.76

Our price is $115.95 and our prices get better as you order more!

Please visit the Emerald Castle Farms Shopping Page
for a shopping cart purchase option for multiple items.

"100" seed packages. Folks, it appears many of you take me literally when I am selling 100 seeds at a time. Rest assured, I do not have time to count out 100 seeds. What you are actually buying is a 2" x 2" baggie as full as I can get it. You can count from the pictures below if you like, but I would say they are normally in excess of 200 seeds.

"100" seed packages on their way.

QuantityPriceBuy Now
100 seeds$9.95
2 ounces$29.95
1 pound$115.95
5 pounds$564.95
10 pounds
Call for Availability and price
20 pounds
Call for Availability and price
Over 50 poundsCallCall 419.651.8158
to check availability and to order
Advanced Orders Only

Call 419.651.8158 to inquire about ordering bulk quantities of seed.

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Please also remember, first come, first served, and orders will be cut off again this year mid August.

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