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Please buy your honey from a local beekeeper.  It is better for for you both.  You help him to make it pay to keep the bees in good health, the neighborhood and wildlife get the pollination needed for extra food production.

When you go to the store sometime, look at the big label brands and see where the honey is from.   You will be surprised to see the amount of foreign honey(s) that are blended in and strained, hot press filtered and bottled.  The result is the clear stable honey that does not crystallize for a very long time.  Nice for sales, storage, and the honey is still sweet, but all the good enzymes and pollen have been stripped from the honey.  :( ( To see ANY honey from China or oriental source.  Food contamination laws are very lax over there.)

The reason this is bad to remove it all, is that the pollen in the local honey has the ability to help with allergies.  The bees use of pollen as a food source means that it is present in the stored honey.

Comb honey is still in the wax comb the bees build, best for allergens due to the high pollen in the wax.  Yes you can swallow the wax it will not harm you at all...some people just spit it out. Cut comb can be hard to find, so it's always at a premium price on the market.

The extracted, strained honey has all the wax, bees and other debris removed and is bottled unheated.  This is often called raw honey and it is as the bees gather it.  One tsp a day will help with allergies, if the honey is from within 20-30 miles of where you live.  Closer is better.

Chunk honey is a mixture of the two forms.  A section of comb surrounded by liquid honey.   

Remember buy local and be happy!   8)
Every 3rd bite of food is given to you by honeybees.