Author Topic: How to keep out deer?  (Read 19 times)

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How to keep out deer?
« on: October 25, 2018, 10:04:39 PM »
Hi all,  :D

I just started to get into the business of growing ginseng in my backyard, where deer are everywhere. A creek shaped the whole hill into a wonderful east-facing slope. There is already a bit of wild ginseng growing here and there, but not much. The deer around here are so bold, they walked onto my deck and ate my pepper plants.

In the past, I have staked wooden sticks in the ground and wrapped 30-pound fishing line every half foot. I did this to keep deer out of my strawberry patches, however, these were tilled on cleared land, not woods. Deer usually keep their browsing to the woods, where the fishing line might confuse or even hurt them. Would fishing line be a humane way to keep out deer in the woods?

I have started planting stratified seeds in rows, perpendicular to the creek. I want to wind fishing line around trees, probably right before they start germinating (surrounding the ginseng plants that will hopefully spring out next year). There is a small trail nearby that I can see from my house, but the only person that uses it is me and my neighbor, whom I know pretty well. What I hope is that the fishing line will keep the deer away from the baby ginseng. All the land I planted and harvested all my produce on is mine, and I own 2 acres of the woods where I plan to grow ginseng.

I bought all my seeds from Ebay, probably not a great idea, but cheap, and all the native ginseng around here is pretty far from the place I planted seeds. I'm a bit worried about all the undergrowth around the woods here, even though you're supposed to have some. There is a small place where the hill is at a steeper 25-35 degree angle, where there are fewer weeds and the leaves collect and rot away. I planted some closer to the top (one inch of soil + dead leaves over it) to see if they will pop out in the spring.

Lastly, apparently there is some permit you need to apply for here in MD? If wild-sim ginseng can indeed grow here, do I need to go get one, even if I'm just doing all this for myself?

I know this is a lot of questions, but I really want to see my planted seeds grow. Maryland, specifically my county, is listed as one of the places where ginseng has seldom grown. I really want to change that and bring back the ginseng around here.