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I still have about 2lbs of stratified (and treated) seed left. If you still need seed, get in touch via email or phone.

This will be the end of the seed this year. I actually sold out three times and was able to source additional seed. Thank you all for such a wonderful year.

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Stratified Ginseng Seed for 2020

Price Break! check the Seed Page or Shopping Page for even lower prices on our high quality stratified ginseng seed for fall 2020 planting! This is the very same seed which brought glowing reviews from growers the past few years. But, as the market price lowered, I'm passing the savings on to you!

(Customers who have already ordered seed will have the amount of seed they receive adjusted to reflect the lower price)

Once again another growing season is just around the corner! The reports I've heard this spring are as encouraging as ever! Here is what a couple of the emails I've received:

"I just wanted to relay good news on last years planting. I’ve not yet seen anything like what I’m seeing this year! I have large patches of nearly 100% germination. About a third of the total area is like carpet, and the remainder is decent! I did choose a more sloped terrain than previous right above my creek, but, same results in my test beds -vigorous & plentiful. Very pleased! "
~ Ohio Grower

"Hi Brad, when will you have seeds available for this year's fall planting? I purchased seeds last fall and got about a 70-80% germination rate. Without a doubt the best I've ever had."
~ Ohio Grower

Now, it is time to prepare for this fall's planting. Good news is in the air as we have good availability of high quality stratified seed at a price notably lower than last fall. Cut off date for advanced orders and large orders is August 23, 2020.

As always, first come -first served, and we anticipate early September delivery.

Don't wait until the last minute and get caught short without high quality stratified ginseng seed. Order now!

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ECF Seeder

I designed the ECF Seeder for my own use around 2000 -I've been making them available to other growers ever since. As we move forward, we learn more about this wonderful plant -we also continue to grow older ourselves. Getting down on the ground or raking a hillside isn't as easy as it used to be. With this tool, neither is necessary. If you have problems with turkeys eating the seed from your rake and scatter patches...this indispensable tool will help. We've also learned that excessively disturbing the soil (rake and scatter planting or excessive harvesting) may contribute to disease issues and ultimately replant failure (meaning you can't plant ginseng in that same ground again). We have finally produced a video of the ECF Seeder in action with the results from the following spring! You can see the video at the bottom of the ECF Seeder page on this site. Just click the button below to head over to the seeder page. Remember, I make these by hand so you need to get your orders in early if you want to use them for this fall's planting.

ECF Seeder page

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Adding medicinal mushrooms to our product line is one of the most exciting things I’ve gotten involved in for a while now. In doing my own research, I’ve found these mushrooms –Chaga, Reishi (Ling Zhi) and Turkey Tail- have been used in folk medicine around the world for centuries. I’m not one to tell you this will cure that and that will solve this, but there are starting to be a considerable accumulation of research on these mushrooms and their potential role in human health. These mushroom products like any natural product cannot be patented so there is no benefit for big pharmaceutical companies to fund research which would lead to the FDA approving their use in specific circumstances. However, researchers are looking at the benefits of the constituents of the mushrooms in an attempt to isolate specific compounds which could be artificially reproduced and patented. It is in this body of literature that many health benefits have been documented. For instance all of these mushrooms show anti cancer/tumor properties among many other benefits based on the literature. Click the link buttons below to go to the individual pages which have some of the studies listed.


Turkey Tail